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3sigma and jdawg,

Science acknowledges that new information may be discovered which may necessitate a change in current scientific claims, theories, conjectures, propositions, hypothoses and even laws.

Testing and corroboration of the above provides increasing evidence of their correctness but science always allows for future amendments as new information comes to hand.

Do you agree / accept that ?

If you do then you are acknowledging that all of science is based on belief.  Those beliefs have a varying degree of confidence based on evidence, testing and corroboration.

If you do not accept it, and claim instead that science gives us certainty, then such a claim is dogma and is on a par with a religious claim based on faith alone.

Now, when you demand 'proof' and 'truth' from someone, you are making a demand of certainty which science does not make, and a demand which you yourselves could not answer if demanded of you.

Certainly, you can ask for evidence for any claim that anyone makes, and you should - but stop pretending that theists must prove their claims while science does not have to.

You are really showing your ignorance of science and the scientific method here Dominic.  The truth is, we all know that science attempts to explain things as best it can, and that yes, it does have to correct itself as we learn more.  It even throws out entire theories because they were later proven incorrect.  That is the essential beauty of the method and discipline.

Now, when you sit in a science class at school, you are being taught the best current knowledge about something, say dinosaurs.  You, as a student, are not told that it is absolute fact (this is where you appear ignorant).  You are told that this is current scientific understanding based on facts and evidence.  You, as a student, are actually free to disagree!  Although, if you take that route, then you are obligated to show why you disagree, and to show an alternative, and potentially better explanation.  If you do that, using the scientific method, then you have a shot at changing current knowledge.

Again, science DOES NOT ever state something as absolute 100% irrefutable fact.  It stands ready and willing to change it's position on anything, once a falsification is shown, tested, and a consensus agrees that it must change. 

We have seen enough evidence that even religion has to evolve in order to remain acceptable to modern humans.  God no longer has the time or inclination to appear before anyone today, apparently.
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