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This guy took a risk, he stood up for what he believed. Meanwhile, many of us sit behind keyboards as we sling s**t in anonymity.

I don't think he took a risk at all, at least not from his perspective.  Unless he purposely worked with what's-his-face to create the biggest sales day ever, and perpetrated a masterful ad campaign that completely worked in his favor, forever placing Chik-Fil-A on the "weekly must eat at fast food joints" list for thousands and thousands of bigots.

People can "stand up for free speech" all they want, but in this case, they were directly supporting anti-gay bigotry and homophobia.  There is no other way to slice this.  They keep yammering on about how they don't hate the gays, but there are far better ways to show that than giving obscene amounts of money to the jack-ass that actually does hate gays.
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