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Science is a path to knowledge and better understanding of things.  And using the scientific method, it is self-correcting, which means that when a hypothesis does not meet the standards of evidence, or if it is falsified by experiment or other facts and evidence, then it is discarded and replaced with the best explanation.

Keep in mind that the best explanation may indeed still be incorrect.  However, with the scientific method, each and every point are up for experiment and falsification by anyone who cares to do the work.  This is brilliant when you think about it.  Let the evidence speak for itself, and let everyone make their case.  The hard work and scrutinization of the worlds greatest minds, and hardest workers, will prevail.

On the other hand, who wrote the Bible?  Who chose the final books and letters contained within the Bible?  What facts are contained within the Bible that can be used today to better understand how things work, or how we came to exist?  What happens to people who don't follow the Bible when they challenge what it claims?  Shall I continue, or does this point out the problems?

In the end, the Bible is a collection of writings from a time when humans were unaware of so many things.  Things like the planet earth, the third planet from the sun.  They could see the moon, but the Biblical explanation of the moon is demonstrably silly.  These people could not explain lightning, they had no idea about the true cause of disease, and they thought that gods were running the show.  They were in a long line of humans who were ignorant about the world around them, and thus made up their best explanation by creating yet another god.  They were smart enough to shed the many gods before, and created a new one that made more sense to them. 

Science is not something that needs to be worshiped or revered in a dogmatic way.  It is a tool that we use to move forward in our understanding of many questions.  It is not a religion, nor is it here to falsify the many gods that humans have invented over time.  Science is just science, and it is wrong more than it is right, which is perfect in the grand scheme.  But when it is used to help us stay healthy, live longer lives, improve our lives, and generally explain what is going on around us, it is perfectly brilliant.  For some, it hurts to think about how science is replacing ignorance from the past.  That is sad because there is nothing more awesome than gaining fresh new understandings that help us move forward as an intelligent species.

I love science.
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