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The division on this issue is religious bigotry and hatred towards anything that does not fit the SPAG model that each adherent holds to.  Of course, they get these ideas through indoctrination, as opposed to independent critical thought on the issue.  If it has been planted in their mind that God does not want a man to lie with another man, then that is the end of critical thought. [1]

Being gay anywhere is always about the physical sex, as opposed to the gender.  As humans, we already know that men can love men, and women can love women, and we accept it without question.  It is only when the idea that physical, sexual intimacy is the agenda of the homosexuals, that the issue raises the attention of the hateful.  The hypocrisy and hatred is on a level that makes Hitler seem like he actually had some good ideas.

Heterosexual physical contact is bad enough to many Christians (when they are not joined in holy matrimony in the presence of God to make children), but add the homosexual element, and it goes off the rails, because they don't like it.  Well, enough is indeed enough, and any and all religions and denominations of hijacked religions can fuck off with their hatred and bigotry. 

Humans are animals, we all know that.  We are what we are, and we are slowly learning about how we came to be.  If it takes another couple of thousand years to wipe out bigotry and hatred towards fellow humans, it will still be worth every effort we can muster.  No one gets to claim moral superiority based on their books, stories, or gods.  They have to drop the delusions, and step into reality to help us figure out how to get along without killing each other, or without stripping away freedoms that each person deserves.
 1. Never mind that this same god created us with the ability to insert sexual appendages in places unrelated to procreation, and still enjoy it.
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