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BS - if you are still checking in, please consider this seriously.  You have been pounded on in this, and in other threads here regarding your stance on evolution, as well as your attempts at discussing creationism.  And honestly, I don't like it when that happens (I have pounded on creationists myself, so I am not blameless).  But think about it.  Could it be that you really don't have a good position in either case?

Isn't it possible that the problems you have with evolution have nothing to do with science, or the scientific approach and current understanding of the theory?  Could it be that you cling to creationism for completely non-scientific reasons?  I've seen you at least admit when you're wrong enough times to know that you are capable. 

It is obvious you want to be right, and that is completely natural for humans.  But what can possibly be gained by doing this in these areas of study for you?  You are definitely in need of some additional education on exactly what the theory of evolution states, and the evidence behind it.  And you most definitely need to admit that so far, no actual science has been used to support the creationist ideas.  So you are left with the very uncomfortable fact that your position is not ready for prime-time, so to speak.

Your position is not uncommon.  You just don't see how all of this stuff could have come about as it is currently being explained.  We get that.  We've heard it more than a few times.  But it's based on a non-scientific and fairly unsupported approach to how we figure stuff out.  It's just philosophy, and mostly wishful thinking.  People love their gods, and they love to give them credit for everything - it's been happening forever.  And today, it's no better than it was the first time some ignorant human declared that a god was angry and was throwing lightning bolts at us!

Nobody here wants to just pound on creationists for fun.  We just want them to understand that evolution, and everything science is doing to help us figure things out, is not an affront, or a direct attack on religious beliefs.  It's just science.  And science doesn't care what people believe.  That's why its so effective.  It slaps us upside the head every now and then, and clearly reminds us that things are not always as they seem.  And we adjust.  We've been doing this ever since the dogmatic religious leaders lost their grip, and we were free to explore without fear.

The world is what it is.  And there are more important things for Christians to work on than constantly trying to tear down the very science that gives them the health and lifestyles that the ancient pharaohs would be jealous of - even us middle-class folks!
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