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I don't see much disagreement with you Joe, but from a few members.  It may be residual stuff from your original post?  I haven't seen anyone convince me that marginalizing is a bad idea, so those who are against it would have more work to do to convince me.  And I have not seen any level of condoning any sort of violence, or stripping of freedoms, etc.

My biggest concern is the sheer size of the problem.  The magnitude of freedom given to religions in the U.S. alone is so overwhelming - just the tax free status alone represents more money than I can imagine, and I am guessing that no one who is close to that money wants it to be shut off, so to speak.  And if 80% of U.S. citizens call themselves Christian, then we have our work cut out.

There may have been some key moments in history where things like the flat earth were dumped, and as long as the apologists are able to explain it, they get to keep their delusion, but progress in knowledge moves ahead anyway.  We are all familiar with the god of the gaps argument, but it seems too easy for theists to ignore stuff like that.  They simply cannot ignore the very real and demonstrable fact that our planet is not flat. 

To me, marginalizing is a process, and it will take time, and patience.  Consistency and numbers are probably the key, and none of it has to especially mean-spirited, necessarily.  But if we try too hard to avoid hurt feelings, then we get nowhere.  If a friend has a booger in their nose, you have to tell them - even if it temporarily embarrasses them!

I would truly like to see the more moderate believers actually feel some embarrassment when their fundy brethren are heaping tons of creationist crap on our public schools, for example.  I want to see those believers get embarrassed enough to speak out, take some action, and start slowly marginalizing the idiots who think the Flintstones is a documentary.
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