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You C, my friend...have entered the ass-backwards logic of the deluded masses who don't know how to think for themselves, and are scared shitless to even think about doubting their beliefs or their god.  They are literally trapped in the delusion, and have little chance of escaping.  They will say practically anything to defend their personal beliefs, including yes to killing their own child if God asked them to.  Sad, but true.  I've seen it in real-time, on this site, and among believer friends in my own little circle.

The entire story of Christianity is a lie, every single word of it.  It is an entire concoction of fear-mongering nut-cases who purposely created a mythological god figure, made up a sacrifice story, and desperately attempted to connect it to the Old Testament, in an effort to give it more authority.  In doing so, they pissed off the owners of that older religion, and created a whole new batch of nitwits who have managed to fool billions of otherwise normal human beings into thinking that miracles are as real as Zues and Thor.  It's both laughable, and sad.  And it is despicable, and disgusting.

Ok, I'm done.  But make no mistake, I could write like this for hours (not that the writing is any good, but my thoughts on it can be endless...)
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