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Hmmm...giving credit to an imaginary mythological sky daddy?  OK.  I guess.

If you had as awesome an avatar as 'Screwtape' (even from behind that guy is built), you probably wouldn't sound half as bitter. Or as great a hairdo as ole' eddie scissorhands.... I gotta say tho, Jetson's nose is fairly attractive. :angel:

I'm not bitter, actually.  But I can tell that you either purposely ignored a very important aspect of the question posed by this website, or you do not understand the context.  Let me lay it out for you.

I will start by phrasing the intent in a more complete way:

If the God that Christians believe in has truly healed any human through miracle or otherwise, by way of prayer, or of his own will, then why has this god never healed an amputee?

You see, there is no pretention that God is actually real.  The point of the question is to point out the most serious problem with one of the most popular claims of many Christians, that God heals through prayer by miracle.  Whether you believe God has done this or not, is irrelevant. The relevant part of the question is that we can clearly see that no amount of prayer, or miracle has ever healed an amputee.  So Christians are left having to explain this problem.  And your idea is that people need to get used to their damaged body.

Yes, they do need to get used to it.  And they must learn to live with it for the rest of their lives, or be fitted with prosthetics, and get used to that.  But they will never have the benefit of a miracle healing by God.  And that is precisely why the god of the Bible is imaginary.  He simply does not exist, and never has.  It is all made up by ancient humans, and has been dragged forward into modern times to be used as a crutch for people who are afraid to die, and who are afraid to live out the one and only life they will ever have.

All gods are imaginary.  And if a single god could be shown to be real, there would be no atheists.
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