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before I answered this question (about miracles) I took time to talk with someone more knowledgeable than me in the field of miracles.

Do you understand

Regardless of whatever other concepts, ideas, instructions, questions, answers, words, letters, or muted grunts follow 'Do you understand' - when directed at Lukvance - the answer is a resolute no.

He's like talking to an NPC in an RPG - there is no process of thinking poor phrasing removed.  His 'brain' houses a functional yet primitive word parsing engine that supports, like, 8 response branches tops.  Because there are often a large-ish number of words in the posts that he is replying to, the variety of possible responses that he can post is rather large, and thus, simulates a conversation with an actual sentient creature moderately well, or at least well enough to keep actual sentient creatures engaged for a limited period of time.  And to account for unexpected combinations of words, this primitive word parser has a default catch-all in case it cannot branch to a somewhat-coherent response – it will pull an ELIZA, do a basic word swap, and ask a question in return (occasionally denoting, accidentally containing a hint of mockery poor phrasing removed.

It fits.  It explains why Lukvance repeats himself, over and over and over again, as if the problems with his statements and arguments that have been directly pointed out by multiple people in multiple threads at multiple times in multiple ways hadn't even been posted.  It explains why he engages in his poor phrasing removed mimicry games poor phrasing removed that seem so completely disjointed from the idea of it almost kind of constitutes a valid response.

poor phrasing removed
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