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Could you reword the whole "god wants you to choose him freely"?  I guess I'd like you to be more explicit in what you mean by 'choose him'.

I'm losing track of the purpose of this thread.  Perhaps that will clear it up for me.
God could make you his b**ch but doesn't. He gave you your freedom so that everyday, every minute, every moment in your life you could choose to believe/follow/love/pray/thank him. It is more rewarding for you to choose freely than to be forced to do it.
It's a little bit like the dog that stays inside the house even if the door is open. He is free to leave your house but choose to stay in with you. As opposed to the door closed. He is not free to leave the house and the result is the same, he stays in with you. Do we agree that one case is "better" than the other one?

I guess I still don't exactly know what you mean by 'choice'.  I think you're playing word games again.  I think you're intentionally conflating 'deciding to believe that an entity called god exists' and 'deciding to follow god'.

I mean, in order for me to choose to follow/love/pray/thank him, I kinda need to know he EXISTS, right?  How does it help for me to just pretend that I know that he exists, thereby requiring me to pretend to know what exactly I'm following, requiring me to pretend to love him, requiring me to pretend to know what the hell it is I'm thanking him for.

Long story short - exactly how would knowledge of his actual existence reduce my ability to exercise my free will in choosing to follow, love, pray, and thank him?
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