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So let's say you own a restaurant (in this Example you are God and the restaurant is heaven) The difference between you and God is that God cannot lie.
Are you telling god what he can or cannot do?  Are you depriving god of his free will to choose whether or not to ever lie?

Or does 'intentionally saying and/or communicating something that is not true' not lying when god does it?

If he says there is something on the plate, there is something on the plate. Let's say I look around and see many people eating of plates that looks empty for me. i ask them what is going on and they assure me that there is something on the plate. I am free to choose, believe in the restaurant manager and see what's in the plate or don't and leave the place. I would not want to pay the bill and will be sad and hungry outside the restaurant where the party is going on. (just like heaven and hell)
In what way is this scenario superior to one where you actually saw food on the plate?  In what way does actually seeing the food in front of you and others violate your free will to decide whether or not to leave the restaurant?  Or violate your free will to decide whether or not to believe the restaurant manager - with the way you are describing it, would you not have the free will to choose to believe that there is no food on those plates despite being told otherwise?

Ps: It reminded me of a scene of peter pan with Robin William :
Yes, it certainly does remind me of a scene in a fictitious story showcasing the depth of the imagination of children.

Bunch of people raucously proclaiming how joyous and wonderful the feast in front of them is while whittling away, starving, desperately clinging onto the silly notion that the empty plates in front of them are full of food just because an old book says so and that it 'cannot lie'.  And they are all so scared of growing up and facing reality.

Poor choice for an inspiring pop culture example.  Really poor choice.
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