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no `1st of all read my all posts i already posted on `1st page that what kind of qualification you need and by which you can see god but you are simply talking nonsense without reading my posts.

therefore you are simply wasting my time with your rascaldom that is all.
Look - you're clearly much smarter and better than the rascals here.  So why don't you help us all out and just complete this sentence for us...

In order to see god or krishna, the qualifications that you need are ________________________

That way, you can help us overcome our rascaldom and we can cease being rascals and making the world more rascal-like with our rascalness in rascaldom.  I suspect that, as you're intelligence is far and above that of a rascal, that trying to communicate with a rascal is a difficult proposition.  Just keep in mind that rascals think in a rascal-like rascally manner, what with all their rascaldom or rascality.

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