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harbinger77 -

Your last post is a tad...unclear.  I'm rather uncertain who you are addressing or what point you are responding to.  However, I wanted to point something out:

Although I understand your god may be an accurate   description in your mind, it is at the root offensive and meant to mock.
Surprisingly, to me, your above statement applies directly to the Christian god, or at least some descriptions of that entity that I have seen.  I'm not sure if you intended that at all or what, but, insofar as I can tell, Christians feel that their description of god is accurate in their mind, but that description honestly feels like a mockery of the human condition.

"Your lot in life is a result of what your ancestors did, many many many moons ago, to insult god.  This god, who can do anything, knows everything, and is the epitome of love, will consign you to eternal suffering if you do not <insert whatever it is one is supposed to do for salvation, but it did, in some way, involve god sending his 'son' (who also happens to actually be god, but not really, but actually is god, paradoxically)>.  Joy and suffering that you and everyone else experience in this material life is meaningless in comparison to the grand scheme of the eternity of the afterlife.  This is all true because {faith, old book, 'feelings that I have', etc.}."

Some Christians accept that the above is more-or-less true.  They feel, in their minds, that this is an accurate portrayal of how the world is.  And it is insulting to the notions of morality and thinking.  It allows for one to feel totally comfortable with a starving child (i.e. they'll get a mansion in the afterlife, or it's god's will so it's ultimately good, etc.).  It allows for one to feel righteous in any arbitrary circumstance they see fit (i.e. let's shove a plane into a building, or let's blow up an abortion doctor, or let's cut off the balls of an 8-year old child and force him into life as a monk, etc., because that's what god wants.  This is all true because {faith, old book, 'feelings that I have', etc.}).
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