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So, who were the true Christians?

There's more than this, but it's a start:

Biblical literalist Christian response:
"The bible is the sole authority.  While there are leaders and teachers that provide guidance regarding true Christianity, it is ultimately the responsibility of the person (soul) in question, and a proper reading of the bible should reveal the true path.  It is your fault, no matter what, unless you read the bible correctly.  Beware of false prophets.  The bible is the final authority.  Here's how to read it, and you should listen to me because I know what I'm talking about.  Trust me."

Liberal progressive Christian response:
"The messages given throughout generations are given simply by the experience of life itself.  These experiences are filtered through the leaders and teachers, which, because the totality of experiences of life itself provide such a large amount of data, consciously, objectively unknowable but spiritually knowable, gets filtered through fallible humans, then, while the core of the message passes through, some noise in the form of incorrect teachings on relatively minor points is inserted in.  So, all Christians are true Christians as long as they have the core message right - the message that....HEY SQUIRREL!"

Neo-con Christian response:
"There were plenty of true Christians back then.  That's who guided my path towards Christ.  Did you say 'history'?  What a strange word!  History!  Is that word Chinese?"

Hippy-lapsed Catholic that likes to say 'yes' to the question 'does god exist' response:
"There was a squirrel here a second ago."
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