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Hey everyone

Thanks for all the replies. I really want to respond to everyone who has taken the time to comment, there are some good things that need to be covered. I will try to do this over the next couple of days

I feel like I need to draw a line at this point however, and state that I won't be able to respond to future comments. Partly because I'm under a lot of time pressure right now, and partly because actually, very few, if any, of the comments have come close to countering my biblical viewpoint with a scriptural argument. Bearing in mind this is all a response to "Chapter 5"
I know that you're not going to respond to future comments, but I guess I'm just throwing this out there to throw it out there then:

This may very well be me misunderstanding things here, but it seems like you yourself refuted your own argument.

Your refutation of 'Chapter 5' seems to be: no, the Bible does not say that you can pray to god for healings.  Christians have been empowered by god to do the healing.

Yet you've stated here in this thread that you have been witness to healings as a result of you praying to god.

Maybe I'm just really confused at what 'praying' is all about.  Who are what were you praying to, if not god, to heal these people?
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