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Now you are talking like a Christian.
I think I need more clarity insofar as how I'm talking like a Christian.  I mean...one of us here is espousing knowledge about the objective existence of an entity that has exactly zero coupling to reality and is only known as true through subjective means, and it isn't me.  So I'm a little confused about this here.
Links to the bibles for those God's please.

Not sure of the relevance of the request here, unless, of course, your 'cosmic consciousness' has some bible or bible-equivalent?

Perhaps I'm not clear on what my criticism to you is.  So far as I can tell, your belief has no content.  When you say 'there is a cosmic consciousness', I do not see any information to separate that statement from 'alkjrhtpoihjoafjidloif89768643ji65##%$jhkfgjhkgjl;kifjal;dkjfu8', or 'there is a fuguajdibbald', or 'colorless green ideas sleep furiously'.  What I was hoping to get from you was some bit of information or whatever that differentiates 'there is a cosmic consciousness' from making no statement or claim at all.

Define 'cosmic consciousness'.  Define it more than simply saying 'cosmic consciousness is cosmic consciousness'.  Define it in terms of what it is rather than what it is not.  Otherwise, there is no difference between claiming 'the cosmic consciousness exists' and incoherent babble.
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