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But we do have a couple of clear falsifiable predictions made by the most general theory of theism, that the universe was in fact created in a specific event, and that being made primarily for us, we are the only species with intelligence enough to ponder it. The former was validated in clear contrast with atheist predictions of a static eternal universe, the 2nd still holds while monitoring an entire galaxy. That and power of explanation. Nowhere near proof of course, just a little more weight than the competition in my view.
So I haven't played catch up with this thread lately, but I want to call something out here.

Firstly, 'general theory of theism' is a new one to me.  I'll have to use that sometime.

Secondly, the implication of the universe being created by a specific event is incorrect.  There is a point in the way, distant past where our models of physics break down.  That is the admission that, beyond that point in time, we do not have sufficient information or data to establish, with confidence, any idea of what actually occurred.  That's the place where we get to put 'I don't know' and start devising some manner of finding out the answers.  It's the place where you have explicitly put a 'creation event' and an intelligent, all-powerful (or super-powerful) sentience.

that being made primarily for us
is not only the height of hubris but also does not seem to follow from observing reality.  The entire 80 bajillion galaxy expanse of the universe was made for humanity?  There is but one word that applies: BULLSHIT.
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