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Can you believe a smite for a sincere  take care guys.  Not one of them had given a summary of the link I provided.  That's when I knew it was just fun and games at my expense.  They are not the least bit sincere about understanding me. Anybody can twist words and confuse.  My beliefs are not this complicated. I am spiritual but not religious.  Religions use people's spirit/conscience for profit and control.  I am not a part of that.
Junebug72 -

This is what is incredibly frustrating to me.  Look through this whole thread for what out back-and-forth had been like up until post #112.  I had in absolute sincerity made an attempt to understand what your beliefs are.  I started with a summary of what I thought your beliefs were.  You then corrected me on a few points, in which case I sincerely apologized for misconstruing you, and I made corrections to my initial summary.  Your next post to me was then to again complain to me for misunderstanding you the first time, which, BTW, I did attempt to explain the source of my misunderstanding.

It's the conversations following that where I am just at a loss.

Your complaint, sometime after my second summary (this post here: http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/forums/index.php/topic,25104.msg560573.html#msg560573) that:
Jdawg I've said time and time again I don't believe in the myth of Jesus as you are suggesting.  I only think his existence as a man is likely.

I then asked for clarification where, in my second summation, I implied that you believed in the myth of Jesus or have a personal relationship with him.  You then proceed to quote my first summation and bold the point of contention.  I then pointed you to my second summation, which did not include such discourse, and frankly included no indication, whatsoever, that you accept the biblical myth of Jesus or have a personal relationship with him.  I repost a link to that second summation, which you say you did not miss it.  Yet you continually talk down to me as if I never said any of the words I did in the second summation.

You can yell at me all you want, but the obvious fact, at least in the first 3.5 pages of conversation in this thread, is that I sincerely wanted to understand what you believe.  I don't know if it's just the number of posters that have put their 2 cents in and you're conflating what other people had be saying to you with what I've been saying, but COME.  THE.  FUCK.  ON.  GET OVER THIS PERSECUTION COMPLEX - PLEASE.  It's making me embarrassed for you.
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