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If God asked you to sacrifice/kill your son to prove your love for Him. Would you do it?

The majority of theist will say YES.
I suspect that neither of us have data to back up our positions (I'm going by gut and incidental experience with the people I know), but I disagree with this assessment.  I'm pretty sure most of the people I know simply compartmentalize to a significant degree.  They simultaneously hold the positions god is the ultimate authority/whatever he says goes and under no circumstance would I willfully murder my child.  The former position is something that can be said with an extraordinarily high degree of confidence that it will never be tested to the full extreme, and can therefore simply agree with their position without thinking about at all.  The way it is reconciled logically is that it is simply an impossible circumstance for god to ask them to murder their child.  They simply have faith that this is the case - it doesn't really matter what other consequences that logic has (i.e. limitations on god's power, previous cruelty, errors in the bible, etc.).  It simply is.

The latter claim, that they would not cause death to their child, is something that gets tested constantly, as they have direct experience of the child being 'not dead'.

If presented with the question where they were forced to answer honestly, they'd say 'no'.
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