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I've tried to tell you from the start that I'm different.  I don't believe the bible is God's word.  I do see historical significance there.  I believe a man named Jesus believed he was the Messiah and fulfilled his destiny.  The birth of Christianity revolves around the life of Jesus.  I believe there is something very, very special about a man willing to die for others and what he believes.  If there were no Jesus there would be no Christianity and Judaism would still be prevalent and only available to the circumcised Jew. 

Jesus was a good man, it is his followers that disgrace.  They do not follow his teachings. 

The bible is a disgrace to God.>>  I think I just came up with my next thread title.
The Gawd's point is still valid though - where did you get the idea of Jesus in the first place?  Are there sources aside from the bible that indicate that a) a preacher named Jesus existed, b) this preacher named Jesus was the Messiah (aside: where did you get the idea of a Messiah outside of the bible), and c) this preacher, named, Jesus, who was the Messiah, did die for others and what he believed?

Is it just the existence of Christianity?  Are you implying that Christianity existed first, then stole the bible and twisted it to fit the religion?  Where did the first Christians get any information regarding Jesus?

The main point is - if the bible isn't the place where you get your info on the whole god/Jesus/Messiah thing, where did you get it?

These are questions that are probably too far off from the topic to address here.  But I think they are valid questions for you to think about.
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