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We have telescopes that witness big bangs

Umm, no, dear.  We don't.
Well...yeah we kinda do.  In the sense that we have telescopes that can observe the remnants of the big bang (cosmic microwave background radiation - CMB).  So we do have telescopes that witness a big bang.

You do not believe in dragons and unicorns? Seamen always had a lot of imagination but the "Water Unicorn" exists. It is just a whale but what do you think goes through a persons mind after a year in a tub. Dragons, fairy tale. Of course I know that men and dragons never lived together if you refer to dinosaurs that in some species look astonishingly exact like a dragon. But that was found out a long time later.  I wait to see what pops up next. Afterall until the earth was declared a ball there was a lot of evidence for the contrary. Mass extinction was the idea of a few fools they told me when I attended school. Now we all know what the meteorites did. Who knows, maybe god shows up afterall. Until then, no worshipping though.
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