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I would also like to add that there is no shame in asking for clarity from a poster.

How would you define 'respect' or 'respectful behavior'?

Jdawg there is a respectful way to ask for clarity.  For that question to make sense there must be an answer that needs clarifying.  Saying I have dodged or not answered is going to get a different response such as; I did answer your question.  Oh, but that doesn't attack the character of the person does it?

I define respect as common decency.  The wiki def. is more about earned respect.  Maybe I'm confusing respect with kindness, but when I treat a homeless person with kindness I'm attempting to show them respect. 

I think that's why the ad hominem style that some people here are using, unmoderated and by mods, is not a good way to debate.  It is very disrespectful and more important than that it is unkind.
Agreed - there are certainly respectful ways to ask for clarity.  I think being accused of not answering a question or dodging a question isn't disrespectful though.  I really don't.  If you are asked a question and your response doesn't appear to address the question, then it is of the utmost respect to make that known in hopes of resolving that discrepancy.  That discrepancy can exist either by the responder failing to actually address the question or the poster failing to recognize the response, but unless it's made known in some form or fashion then the dialog cannot proceed.  The best approach to responding to an accusation of dodging is to further explain how your response actually addressed the question at hand.

Common decency is, simply put, insufficient for respect.  I would contend that it is a necessary component, but simply being decent isn't necessarily being respectful.  If you asked me to explain the behavior of an all-pass gain circuit, and I, very nicely and decently, go on to explain how a sigma delta ADC worked, well I may have been very nice about it but I've be exceptionally disrespectful towards you because I basically ignored what you wanted.  Doesn't matter how bloody nice I was about it.

This is the best example I can come up with for 'nice yet disrespectful' behavior: think of how you treat a 6-year old child.  You'd probably say that, in general, you treat that 6-year old child nicely.  Now try treating a 37-year adult in the exact same way.  You may be very nice, but it would be very disrespectful to treat a 37-year old like a 6-year old.

I think a fundamental disconnect exists in expectations here.  What I don't think you're picking up on is that responding to a question and answering or addressing that question are not necessarily the same thing.  Your constant assumption that people are just levying false accusations and not engaging in genuine, honest inquiry is, frankly, disrespectful.

In the 'Believing in god is not a bad thing' thread, I at one point recommended (in a harsher tone) that you find others around you to evaluate how you behaved in that thread.  I still stand by that recommendation - I don't think anyone around here needs to know of any results or anything from that, as it is something for your own edification, but I think it would be a good idea (please note I am not necessarily saying it is an easy idea).  Take that advice as you will.
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