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Believe First and You will See
Some say, Trust or Confidence is what you give in Business and Not Belief.
How do you trust something or have confidence in something you absolutely dont believe in?
Would you really put your money out on a business you dont believe would work?
I wont :)
Your business analogy is lacking.  You are describing belief in a manner that is synonymous with 'confidence' or 'trust'.  What you are talking about in your analogy describes a situation of believing in the value proposition of widget x and believing in the business model behind selling widget x.

I ask - does widget x exist?  You then proceed to tell me all of the great things widget x does, and how great your business of selling widget x is going to do.  Alright...but does widget x exist?

I believe that a ray gun that cured cancer would be wonderful.  I believe that a business selling this ray gun could make a fortune with even a poorly defined business plan.  Does any of that matter if the ray gun that cured cancer doesn't exist?
Another postulated that before you enter a business, you study it first, gather data, etc. And the moment you do that, youre already past the Believing Before Seeing part.
Please tell me how on Earth you convinced a bank to loan you money with this 'no need to do due diligence' plan of yours.  Please tell me who this bank is, and let me know if they are looking for new customers.
I ought to thank you for implying that you believed first before doing the research, by saying you are "past" that. :)
But I still have a question left about that;
During the times of gathering the data for the Feasibility Study for the preparation of your business, is your business already there? I think not yet, right?
Um.  No, my business isn't there.  My hope that my business will start and become successful is there.

Seriously...we have the word hope - it's right the hell there in the dictionary.  We use it in common discourse all of the time.  You clearly mean hope whenever you use the word belief.

Or, if you don't simply mean hope, please explain what you do mean with the word belief.
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