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There are people who claim to have had personally spoken with a diety, seen cities shattered from the sky.  I believe it is myth and legend typical of humans but there is a claim that god is real and has made himself evident.

My answer is I don't know, I lean towards god being myth of the superstitious but I can not off hand say that there is no god.

PS an atheist, at least most of the atheists here make the claim there is no god and violently defend that position many want to convert believers and they appear to be on a religious crusade to prove their point.  Not that atheists simply don't believe in god, it is much more direct than that.
Violently?  Perhaps you meant 'passionately'.

It seems that you simply have a fairly high threshold for saying 'no, that thingie doesn't exist'.  As long as that threshold is applied fairly consistently I see no particular problem with your stance.  If the question of the existence of god or unicorns only elicits 'I don't know' as the response, well so be it.  For me, I feel like it is perfectly reasonable to say 'no, unicorns do not exist'.  If a unicorn shows up I will change my damn mind.  Saying 'no, that thingie doesn't exist' doesn't write your answer in some kind of eternal log that will force you to embody that answer for all of your existence.  You're totally free to change your mind if you get new data to suggest you were wrong.  Or hell, even if you don't get new data but just feel like your previous answer of 'no' was incorrect.

You seem to be under the impression that most of the atheists here, when they say 'no, god doesn't exist', have closed their minds entirely to change.  I just don't think that's true.  I think most of the atheists here are saying 'no, god doesn't exist' based on their current understanding of reality.  I think most of the atheists here would readily admit that, if their current understanding of reality were to change such that it would suggest the existence of a 'god entity', then they would change their answer.

Again, it's fine if your 'I don't know' threshold is sufficiently low such that you take that position in regards to gods, unicorns, Atlantis, the fountain of youth, etc.  But I'm getting the sense that you seem to think that when someone says 'no' or 'yes' to those questions that they are inherently locking themselves into that answer for all eternity.  I just don't think that's true.

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