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Those are some very challenging questions No..  I base my opinion, and that's all it is an opinion, on the human spirit.  When the human spirit is nurtured, good things happen, when it is used and abused they do not. Does the body not release the spirit when it passes. I know it does, I have felt it. I'm sure you believe that it was some chemicals from my brain, and who's to say that's not possible, I'm aware that it is, I would just have to believe that was part of God's design. 

I'm not trying to say I believe God's physical form lives inside, but rather His spirit, which does stay with us after death. I'm much too humble to think I could prove anything to you. All I have is my testimony, my story, and I know I would not have come this far had it not been for the Grace of God.
Your use of the words 'opinion' and 'know' is a bit convoluted.  Actually, it's really just the use of the word 'know'...perhaps you mean to say something like:
"Does the body not release the spirit when it passes.  I think it does, I have felt it."
That jives a little better with a "I base my opinion, and that's all it is an opinion" view.

Thanks for the wise words. I just came to share my story;give God some credit. To show an unbeliever that not all believers are hateful and judgemental. That's all.
I'm uncertain about others here, but I pretty much assume that the vast majority of believers are not hateful and judgmental.  What I assume is that all believers are making claims regarding objective reality, the same objective reality that we all share, that do not appear to be true.  Now, when it comes to the existence of god, I readily admit I could be wrong and god does exist.  Hell, if I had to put together a list of all the crap I thought I know and was wrong about over the years, I'd run out of hard drive space.  But how am I supposed to correct my errors in understanding of reality if I don't talk through and argue about it with those who disagree with me?  How do we, as a society, increase our understanding of anything if we do not engage each other with our disagreements on reality?

Look, junebug72 and LoriPinkAngel - I get the whole 'coexist' thing.  Really, I do.  I'm a fan of peace and with people getting along.  I'm a fan of people respecting other people.  But let's face it; we're a bunch of anonymous people on the interweb talking over a forum.  Very, very, very little risk that anything but four letter words and insults being tossed around.  I just don't see any harm in starting arguments.  I get that you're not here to convert, and I respect that, but look...I, as well as most everyone else, has a vested interested in reality.  A good, accurate understanding of reality is pretty beneficial to navigating through reality.  You are both expressing claims about objective reality that seem false.  If they are not false, that means that I am believing incorrect things about objective reality, and I would like to be corrected.

When I participate in this forum, it isn't to win or anything like that.  It is simply a part of my never-ending search for understanding reality.  Even aside from all of the socio-political ramifications of 'belief vs. non-belief' and all that jazz, I just kind of want to know if god exists in the same way that I just kind of want to know if neutrinos, the Higgs boson, white holes, Atlantis, and the Emperor of Mexico exist.  Refusing to argue about it just seems to...devalue truth - yes, strong words and I have no other reason to believe that you value truth any less than I do, but that's just the way it seems.

Basically, I'm just personally not a fan of this ecumenical "let's all just let everyone believe what they want to believe and not argue about it" thing.  Again, big fan of people getting along, big fan of people not hurting each other or being mean to each other, but not a big fan of "well, someone might disagree so let's not engage and attempt to further our understanding of the world around us so that we can hopefully make better decisions about how reality affects us and every sentient creature around us" thing.

So let's go ahead and argue.  No need for any mean-spiritedness or anything, but let's put our disagreements about reality on the table and see if any truth falls out of arguing our positions.  You're not interested in converting anyone?  That's fine; I respect that.  But if god does indeed exist, then I'm interested in converting me.
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