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Well I see what your asking but do you think that all people who don't believe in a God look at all these things the same way? But also I just am always trying to find ways to eliminate my own bias and understand as much as I can. I'm just interested in all kinds of different beliefs without excluding any and I am always wanting to hear people's and all that is contained within them.
This is good - open mindedness.

But you need to be careful; if what you are doing at the end of the day is seeking out the truth, you're going to have to eventually start excluding some beliefs, yes?  Like the untrue beliefs, right?  So this requires some means of distinguishing between reality and fiction...

...and if you are truly trying to eliminate personal bias:
Now I really just have a conversation with him, now I have never heard him talk aloud to me but that is what it feels like, I can ask him questions and the second after I finish asking I receive a though and a overwhelming feeling that God has answered me through that thought.
Does your above quote sound like you've really segregated your bias in your search for truth?

Also most forums online that discuss anything like this from either side it is not like this, I see all the time people just throwing mud at each other and I be heard before that when you do that you not only are dirty up your own hands but also the opposing party.
Mudslinging is pretty much an guarantee when you're talking about an interweb forum set up for discussion, debate, and argumentation on topics that have high emotional buy-in.  The important thing is to keep your civility, which so far doesn't seem to be any problem for you.  I do suggest that if you *do* see less than civil discourse on this board that you keep in mind that most everyone posting on this board is human and is bound to, once in a while, spiral down to the 'less than civil' side of the spectrum.
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