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I wonder if you'd be able to go into more detail on how Christian scriptures 'explain human nature to a T'?  There really isn't a chapter or anything that says "The Nature of Being Human" or anything like that, so I'd like more detail on what you mean by that.  Perhaps some examples - I'm just unclear on how the bible clearly describes the nature of good and evil and human pride for example.

Cover to cover.  The Bible is about the state of man and why he is the way he is.
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So a few things:

a) That's a rather...non-specific response.  I was hoping for more detailed analysis on your part truth be told.  In a sense, I asked "Where do we find discourse on human nature in the bible?" and you answered "In the bible.".  Not terribly helpful.

b) That link doesn't really say a whole lot anyway.  It's a blanket search for the term "the heart" throughout the entirety of the bible, and many of the passages that come up are pretty unimpressive insofar as 'describing human nature'.  Many of these are poetic passages that have similar equivalents in the poetry of a high school student, while others appear to be general observations that can be readily had by simply hanging out with another human being for 12 seconds.

c) Please don't take this as an insult or anything, but do you read much?  Like, other books?  Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, research, etc.  It's just that...if these passages give you some great insight into human nature that you otherwise would not have gained...if these passages seem to be impressive or divinely inspired to you...well, it would just seem like you haven't read anything else.  Seriously.  There are other works out there that provide far, far, FAR more detailed discourse on the human nature than what can be garnered from here.  Hell, I get a better sense of the nature and behavior of a child from one panel of a Calvin & Hobbes comic than I get from the entirety of the bible.
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