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That sounds like a Dr. Who episode, but I don't recall which one.  Every research effort will produce some fiction and some non fiction sources.  I've only chosen the Christian scriptures because they explain human nature to a T.   Standard Psychology theory is light years behind in explaining the nature of good and evil and human pride.
I wonder if you'd be able to go into more detail on how Christian scriptures 'explain human nature to a T'?  There really isn't a chapter or anything that says "The Nature of Being Human" or anything like that, so I'd like more detail on what you mean by that.  Perhaps some examples - I'm just unclear on how the bible clearly describes the nature of good and evil and human pride for example.  Or maybe a different type of example - does the bible provide any means of dealing with, for example, clinical depression, or autism, Asperger's, dementia, Alzheimer's, or other psychological diseases?  Does the bible provide any insight into the nature of confirmation bias, pattern recognition, cognitive dissonance, or the Forer effect?  Any discourse on theories of human memory and recall?

I would also like to ask if other scriptural texts like the Koran, the Vedas, The Book of Mormon, Dianetics (maybe a stretch to call this 'scriptual'), or other texts also contain accurate descriptors of human behavior, and if that has any influence on your view.

I will state that I do disagree with you that the bible does a good job of describing human nature.  But even beyond that...describing human nature isn't exactly something that necessarily requires divine intervention to put down on paper.  There are large swaths of fiction that do an excellent job of describing different aspects of human nature.
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