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I don't believe in curses, but since you did ask for atheist input...

I was watching the news last night.  They were reporting on the Ok. tornado.  At the end of the story they closed with an alarming fact.  America suffers 10 times more than Canada @ 100 per year. Do the math that is 1000 per year.  Thankfully they are not all as destructive as the most recent one.  It did however get me to thinking that maybe America is cursed.

Nothing so exotic as that.  It's simply that the climate in the Midwest is more "amenable" to creating tornadoes than the climate in most of Canada.  Canada, for the most part, has long, cold winters and short, mild summers.  Tornadoes rarely form in colder weather because they rely on thunderstorms for their formation, and thunderstorms are for the most part a warm weather phenomenon.  It's no more a curse than it is a curse on Canada that they get more snow than Oklahoma does.

But Florida's tropical and we get a shitload of rain which makes it cooler[1] but we have not only tornadoes but hurricanes, too!

Florida must be cursed!


 1. not really
I don't believe in curses but if any place could be cursed it would be Florida. ;)
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