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Hubris sounds like a good doc to watch.  We have never really come to terms with either of these wars and how we got so involved in them without any real questioning about what was happening.  Even today it affects us...for instance this weeks drilling of Hagel for Sec. of Def by John McCain.  He kept pushing Hagel for a YES / No answer on if he thought the surge was good or not.  We are still trying to paint the Iraq war as justified.  Hagel knows the whole war was unjustified.  That is why he kept saying history would judge.  The whole lot...Bush2, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice should all be up for war crimes.

How are parents, loved ones suppose to think about the ones they lost from this usuless war.  How about the ones injured for life.  How about the increasing number of suicides as a result of this.  Billions maybe trillions wasted.  Its criminal and repubs are still trying to justify it.
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