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I never said that God was not all pwerful, I merely meant that God is so disgusted that sometimes his answer to a prayer is "no".

The responses you provided logically lead to the conclusion that your god is not all powerful. For example,

3) This is a tough question but I think that the old testament writers
could not fully interpret Gods' inspirational meanings. This is one of the
reasons why Jesus came here, to clarify what God The Father meant. This is why
you do not read such laws within the new testament.

It could not properly communicate with beings it created. Inability to see the future, inability to understand the things it created (maybe memory loss?).

At any rate, having to try something two different ways because of an initial failure is not an attribute of an all-seeing entity.

6) Mankind is responsible for the present schism between God and us, its a
wonder that God answers any prayers.

Lack of forethought. Created beings that would later cause a schism. Unable to see what creating humans the way it created them would lead to.

If you choose, the "he did know and it is part of his plan" route, then you cannot lay blame on humans, can you? So which is it? Your deity is not all-powerful, and not responsible for the cause of a "schism"; or, it is all powerful and responsible for pre-determining the actions of it creation?

Listen, Ed. I tend to give folk the benefit of the doubt and expect that they think things through before they write or say them. Your excuses do not hold any weight unless you believe your deity lacks certain abilities. If it lacks the ability to see the ramafications of it's own actions, creative and otherwise, then it is not all powerful.
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