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Eddy, are you prepared to have your idea torn to shreds, have every person on the forum agree with the assessment that it is utter shite, but fail to change your own mind? Because that's going to happen.

I've been here a long time, and, I've seen this scenario play out before. Whatever is written, you will continue to believe your crackpot idea. Probably, you need to believe it for some deep-seeded, emotionally deranged reason.

I reccommend you just skip ahead to the parthian shot; maybe a little something along the lines of "you're all closed-minded" and / or "denying the truth". Comfort yourself thinking that you are a critical thinker who's examined the evidence, and everything else has conspired against your brilliant discovery. As you remain obscure for your entire life, remain steadfast that you have finally uncovered the truth and revealed it on your ridiculously outdated website with a picture of a CD on it.

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