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I was raised by a marine. Partially deaf by age seven. Served two years in the army (not wartime, not veteran....not proud) and shot many variations of weapons. My father handed down the 8mm Mauser that was the first weapon he ever bought. And a couple years ago gifted my son a .22 bolt action rifle. They are both dusty and in the attic. We have shot them a few times. But for the past two years they have been hidden.

I have killed two animals with weapons. And both times it was horrific and traumatic.

The first was while my father, brother and I were shooting targets in the southern California deserts. My father had his .22 pistol on his hip. I was carrying my BBgun.
From the right a large jack rabbit popped out of the bushes. My dad drew, fired from the hip, and winged the hare. He proceeded to track it to the bush where it lied. Then, he forced my brother to "put it out of its misery". We both were crying in horror. Finally he shot it himself with the pistola and we left. (PTSD anyone)

Second, as I obviously hadn't learned my lesson, was a few years later. After my parents divorced and my father moved out to the country, my brother and I gave my mother such hell that she gave us up to live with my abusive father. l had trekked out one day...probably a 1/4 mile from home...and snuck up on a flock of beautiful meadow larks. BEAUTIFUL birds. I shot one. When I found it lying in the grass, I broke down in tears. Falling to the ground and apologizing for minutes on end. I can't remember what I did after.

Sorry about the sob story.

I think guns are redneck and a power show of reckless hillbillies. IMO. I don't even fish. And I live in the Pac NW. On the banks of the mighty Columbia. Surrounded by gun shows and gun toting shrimps driving lifted Ford's. It's a joke.

Thats what I think. I am a big fella and it would take a good group of tweakers to overpower me. And if they were packing and had the balls to use it...the chances that they new how to fire a handgun with any accuracy would be very slim.

I don't place myself or my family in situations where violence would be a concern. (Sure it happens)

Guns dont equal love.

Love is all we need.
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