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Hate to be captain obvious, but thats what he was doing when the armed assailant started stalking him. Remember? Armed or not, he has a right as per the FL law I linked to, to defend himself.

So, you have not provided an answer, instead simply stated that he should do exactly what he was doing when he was stalked and murdered.

Sorry, but it's impossible to have any meaningful conversation with you.  Based on the only testimony we have at this point, he was headed home, but decided to abort that plan and confront an armed stalker.  According to testimony, he was tailed, not stalked.  He was shot in self-defense, not murdered.  You have absolutely no basis for your position.

So, I'll ask you directly.  It you were TM, but with your brain, would you not have assumed GZ was armed?  Would that realization not have made you want to go to a safe haven, rather than confront an armed stalker?  I would have wanted to get away, as fast as possible. 

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