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yeah right the chances that a mechanic with the right equipment would be the second car and stop within 2 minutes of me praying for a miracle are outstanding odds. Escpecially outstanding that is that his phone would say praise God.

You don't understand the power of coincidence, and the power of mathematics.

Here is a little miracle you can do yourself, in your own home.  Take a deck of ordinary playing cards, with jokers removed, shuffle them well and deal out all 52 cards.  You can deal them face up so you can see them.

You just dealt yourself a miracle!

The number of possible deals in a deck of 52 cards is 52!, or ~8.066 times 10^67 (ten to the 67th power).

To understand how large that number is, consider this:

If there were a trillion worlds, and each world had a trillion people, and each person had a trillion computers, and each computer could deal a trillion deals a second, and the computers had started dealing 13 billion years ago (just after the Big Bang), then all that would have to exist in 197 parallel universes for all the deals in one deck of 52 cards to have been dealt.

I am not the best mathematician in the world, but with 7 billion people total and about 6 billion over ten years old, I am probably in the top 20%.  That puts me somewhere in the top 1.2 billion of the top adult mathematicians in the world.

Do you see how much fun it can be to think?

The music is playing, the invitation is out.  Come down the aisle and join us in the enlightenment.  Leave the darkness of superstition behind.  It is really bright here.

Odin, King of the Gods

PS - It would have been a miracle if the tire had fixed itself and re-inflated.  Then god's angel could have done something really important, like saving a starving child in Somalia or Ethiopia.  25,000 children die each day due to lack of food, clean water, or preventable diseases.  And yet you believe you rate an angel fixing your tire.  That is hilarious. 
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