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I live in the middle of nowhere now but I still can't see as many stars in that last video.


Astrophotography and astrovideo capture much more light than your eyes can, even with a very good scope.  The longer the exposure, the more light is captured. 

Many of the best astrophotos are "stacks" or tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of exposures, to multiply the effects of light capture.

From wikipedia:  Post-processing

The Pleiades Star Cluster photographed with a 6 megapixel digital SLR camera connected to a 80mm refracting telescope piggybacked on a larger telescope. Image is made from seven 180 second images combined and processed in Photoshop with a noise reduction plugin.
Both digital camera images and scanned film images are usually adjusted in image processing software to improve the image in some way. Images can be brightened and manipulated in a computer to adjust color and increase the contrast. More sophisticated techniques involve capturing multiple images (sometimes thousands) to composit together in an additive process to sharpen images to overcome poor atmospheric seeing, negating tracking issues, bringing out faint objects with a poor signal-to-noise ratio, and filtering out light pollution. Digital camera images may also need further processing to reduce the image noise from long exposures, including subtracting a “dark frame” and a processing called image stacking or "Shift-and-add". There are several commercial and freeware software packages available specifically for astronomical photographic image manipulation


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