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And unless you're talking about shooting a room filled with dozens of people, this is not relevant.  When you're talking about something like the Sandy Hook shooting, or even something like the Virginia Tech shooting, being able to shoot 90 rounds in 45 seconds is pretty meaningless.

But that is EXACTLY what the current debate is about.  (I know the debate was softened to merely a vote on universal background checks, because everyone knew that an outright ban of assault weapons and large-cap magazines was impossible.)  "Assault weapons" are being vilified because, when equipped with large capacity magazines, they can fire round after round in a short amount of time. 



If you want to have a discussion, then lose the asinine, self-important attitude.  You sound like one of my younger brothers, who has an extremely high opinion of his own intelligence and competence, to the point where he sounds like a pompous fool when he talks about himself.  That's how you sound, especially when you pull out remarks like "pull on your big boy pants", and act as if I shouldn't take exception to your attitude.  In other words, you need to act in a manner consistent with wanting to have a discussion, instead of expecting people to just shut up and ignore your attitude.

Sorry, Jaime, but I don't want to have a discussion badly enough to lose my self-important attitude.  If you are going to be offended every time I point out something I don't agree with, whether you made a glaring error in logic or it's just something I disagree with, then we aren't going to have any meaningful discussions.

Go do a little reading.  The ability of a shooter to take an AR-15 and a couple of 30-round mags into a classroom and slaughter the teacher and every child in there in a matter of seconds, or a minute or two, is exactly what makes them so lethal, and so vilified.

Odin, King of the Gods

PS - When I ran "Spell Check" on this post, it suggested "Einstein" for "Feinstein."  Now that's one of the funniest things I've ever seen!
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