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This bit:


101. Admit or Deny that you were not born my king, my superior, nor my sovereign, you were not born with a higher rank than I.

102. Admit or Deny that therefore, you DO NOT have authority to command me by your mere birth.

103. Admit or Deny that if this is true for you, it is true for every other human being born on the planet.

104. Admit or Deny that if no one has a rank higher than mine, then no one has authority to command me.

Birth rank does not equal rank. HAE is pulling a type of equivocation here.

No, HAE is not "pulling a type of equivocation here". Birth rank does not equal authority. Jaimehlers has made that point for me. To jaimehlers' credit, he is diligently attempting to prove authority by another path. Without authority there is no rank and without rank there is no authority.

Did you have a point to put forth or are you going to just continue taking pot shots at me?

Yes I have a point...read the above...you are pulling an equivocation. End. If birth right does not equal authority...then your construction as quoted is a non sequitur.

And yes, I am going to continue to make pot shots at you, because you are a big target with a secular equivalent to a religion calling anyone who disagrees with you as religion. Because you use hidden assumption, circular arguments, non sequiturs, equivocations, ignoring the counter evidence, false dichotomies, ad homs, poison the well to try to illustrate your point which does not coincide with reality in any way.
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