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Hi Astreja, I never got back to you. Been kinda busy as you can see.
I wish I could see your post while I'm writing, I haven't figured out how maneuver here yet. Maybe their right about me being an idiot, lol.
I think we were talking about why God utterly destroyed those civilizations, nations, and tribes in the old testament. Basically it was to keep from having to destroy the world again. At the time the Hebrews reached the promised land with Moses having passed away and Joshua now leading, they were the only people on earth that believed in the true God. All other nations believed false Gods.
God knew they would never believe him, so the Bible says God told Joshua to destroy all living flesh including the animals. If the Hebrews had gone in peaceably they would have mingled with the heathen and lost sight of God. Forcing Gods hand to destroy the earth again. Just what he had already done because "man continuously thought evil and cursed God."
 But here's the good news, God doesn't do that anymore because the perfect sacrifice has come. We are no longer under law but we are now living under grace, the new covenant Jesus Christ.

Notice the circular think here: God Knew they would never believe him.

God could have made those in question in a way where they would have accepted Joshua
God could have shown up himself in his awe inspiring glory and would have been way more impressive than carved idols and said false religions would dry up within the week
God could have given Joshua Mighty powers to subvert the laws of physics, like waiving his hand and the weapons of other civilizations fall to dust, forgoing the need for utter destruction
God could have written his instructon to submit to Joshua in the sky

but no, an Omnipotent and Omnicent God...best he can come up with is utter destruction....and that's not very advanced morality.

But still, none the less the stories have all the weight of those in the Iliad.
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