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Miracles happen in the Bible. Miracles that if they happened today would be proof that magic, including the possibility of divine intervention, was a real force in the world.

Similarly the Quaran has similar claims, as does the Iliad, as does the Books of the Dead, as does the Arthurian Legends, as does Aesop's Fables, and Grimm's Faerie Tales.

However, none of these unambiguous miracles occur in an age where people can check on wether or not they actually happened. Magic seems conspicuously absent in the presence of TV cameras; Divine intervention shies aways from being scientifically tested.

So just because it happened in a book isn't a convincing argument. WWGHA is a shorthand way of asking, since people purport God to do wondrous things even in the here and now and we are to bow are heads in praise for these blessings...why does the unambiguous miracle no longer occur? Specifically, in all the hospitals, in all the world, in the past 100 years, has not one amputee been healed through prayer? Why didn't Manna not fallen from heaven for the Jews starving to death in concentration camps? Why couldn't a Minister raise his hand and calmed the storm before the Tsunami near Sumatra? Why couldn't a priest part the waters in New Orleans during Katrina?

The conclusion is obvious, the stories of magic in the past are made up. Thus we need to treat those stories as unreliable sources of information. If they are unreliable on such tangible things such as 40 years of Wandering in a tiny desert...how much more unreliable are they when claiming things that cannot even be detected, like an afterlife?

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