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I ask this primarily of native English speakers, but certainly anyone can chime in.

Are there any (sorta) common secular responses to a sneeze?  Yes, I get that responding to a sneeze is merely a part of the social contract and I don't actually believe someone wants me to be blessed by some higher power due to my sneeze, but I've been doing the 'Gesundheit' thing for a while now (funnily enough, probably didn't start until months had passed from my deconversion).

And 'Gesundheit' bugs me because...well, I don't really know.  Me having to steal a phrase from a language other than my native language?  I speak English for crying out loud...most of the language basically is stealing crap from other languages <insert joke regarding the British Empire or American Imperialism>.  But whatever; in any case I'd like to replace it.

From this:

I'm seriously contemplating using “The cold, vast universe is indifferent to your sneeze.” for the purpose of ironically sounding pompous and intellismart, but what secular, socially acceptable English responses are there to a sneeze that you have heard?

How about no reponse, because none is needed. Or, alternatively, "can I get you a tissue?"
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