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I think that it is important to realise that Dawkins is a biologist and as such will have a fair idea about the mating rituals of the human species.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebecca_Watson#Elevator_incident has details and the subsequent reaction.

I support Hatter23’s approach. Ms Watson should have been confident enough to see the incident for what it was. Nevertheless, she used the incident as an example of male chauvinism within the atheist movement[1] I can hardly believe that she, like Dawkins, has been so far unaware of universally common, male behaviour nor that, given her intellect, she genuinely felt assaulted.

Set against real female oppression, savagery, and ill-treatment, this equates with being stoned to death by popcorn.

I do not know much about Ms Watson, but I now feel confident that she has an acute sense of victimisation that she sees as beneficial to her career.
 1. how often have we heard at WWGHA that atheists are like people who don’t collect stamps. As such, it is not remarkable that one or two less than gifted would-be lovers make crass remarks – how this can equate with atheism, I am not sure. Are there no awkard moments in Christianity, Buddhism, vegetarianism, the Democrat party, etc?

Though given what her lecture was about, the man doing the hitting on her should have had a; "Hello, I'm Stupid" button pinned to his lapel in response.

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