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To admit they have no answers is the true fear. To ever admit science is only creating more questions and problems on a molecular and cellular level where evolution is concerned is the real fear.

No it is well know that "I don't know" is that starting point of progress. Stop thinking in agendas and think with common sense. Furthermore, yes answers come up with more questions is also well know. However, each progressive layer firms up the TOE, just not the mechanics behind it completely. This isn't a fear, it is an accepted nature of all questioning.

Did you even read the link I posted?

"Debunking Evolution" being the title, I immediately knew it to be bullshit. Why would I bother with what I know will be a load of agenda laden creationist crap?

But I did glance within the first paragraph... the term microevolution is a creationist falsehood akin to saying pennies cannot add up to dollars.

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