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Interesting how the lack of religion is immediately assumed to equal oppressive dictatorships where people are forced to adopt an ideology. Why not instead examine the reality of places where people freely and voluntarily live quite well without religious belief?

What society is free from religion?

How do you propose eliminating religion from a society? (by attrition over centuries through education, I say fine to that.)

Education, yes. Also by not giving it legal status. By treating people's religion as if it was there community theater.

As long as there's a legal definition for a religion, there's going to be discrimination because silly belief X qualifies as okay, but not silly belief Z. Why should X get the housing deduction, lowered utilities, no property tax, the ability to not have to charge sales tax, but not Z? Because X is a wider held delusion. X gets privileges that only are acceptable because somehow X is special and no one can come up with a logical reason why X is special.

That's where reason comes in, as long as X is given a special legal status, you are basically admitting "we care fuck all about what actually makes sense."

You see a theater troop serves the community, and they can get 501C3 status. They don't pay income taxes. Nothing is stopping them from existing. However, if you were to say "I can't work on Fridays because my theater troop thinks it is wrong;" an employer doesn't have to legally comply with that. If you were to say "Hey, my theater troop doesn't tolerate people making fun of how bad they are, I want a law passed to make it illegal to criticize it" you would be laughed at by legislators. If you state "Because of my Theater troops beliefs, I want this dropped from the science curriculum" it wouldn't even be considered. If you whipped your children raw, what your theater troop stated about how it would make them better actors wouldn't be an issue in a court.

I, and many here, have no desire to outlaw theater troops or religion for that matter. Just that your beliefs don't get anything different or special legally speaking because of the shield the word 'religion' gives them.

And while that doesn't quite mean a society without religion, it does mean a society without any undue influence from religion.

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