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*The Cosmological Argument relies on special pleading(God would then also need to been created)
*The Argument to Design  relies on special pleading (God would then also need to have been designed)
*The Ontological Argument relies on special pleading (As it could easily be  used to argue of Batman)
*The Arguments from Morals and Values relies on ignoring the counterevidence (There are different moral values from different cultures throughout the world, and even within Christian sect to Christian sect...and the evidence that the more commonplace moral values can be derived exactly from tribal success strategies of any cursorial hunter)
*The Argument from Religious Experience relies on special pleading(Ignoring everyone else's contradictory experience) as well as ignoring the counterevidece(people hallucinate and lie)
*The Argument from Common Consent relies on argumentum populorum in a textbook fashion
*According to the Argument from Reward relies on appeal to consequences in a textbook fashion
*The Argument from Justice relies on relies on a variety of appeal to consequences called "wishful thinking"
*According to the Argument from Consciousness relies on ignoring the counterevidence(All of Neuroscience)
*The Argument from Miracles relies on circular reasoning(never showing an unambiguous miracle)
*The Argument from Scripture relies on circular reasoning in textbook fashion
*Pascals Wager relies on appeal to consequences and ignoring the counterevidence(other religions)

So all of them are illogical arguments without merit.

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