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Let me preface this with giving you the understanding of what a skeptical position is. When someone says something, you don't accept it as truth if it seems fantastic. There are people who lie, there are people who exaggerate. There are people who hallucinate. In such a world you need to adopt a position of skepticism in order to function. After all, you are rightly skeptical of the Greek gods interfering in the Trojan war. It may be written in documents, and those documents may contain some factual information, but I will assume that you don't just take the Iliad's word for it. You would want to see some proof of the claim of Greek God's power before accepting it as fact, and modifying your behavior.

Some regular old citizen of Greece at the time wouldn't have exercised this skepticism at the time, just because everyone else around him went along with the tale. Don't you think you are wiser than him by questioning it?

1) I wish God would heal amputees but perhaps the reason he does not is
because that would be too obvious a miracle. Obvious miracles could replace
faith to the point when there would be no faith. Without faith there is no
salvation, this is why you must choose Christianity before you die and see God.

Why would it be "too obvious?" Really, is there anything in this statement that can separate it from accepting the Greek Gods before you die? Notice there's plenty of "obvious" magic things happening in the bible...angels of death killing the firstborn of Egypt, people rising from the dead, fig trees withering, even Yahweh himself appearing to talk on occasion. But not now, to be obvious now would be to spoil the magic. The tale of big magic in the past, but somehow not now is common throughout the world, and when people can check facts, the magic goes away. In fact, the further back you go, the bigger the magic always is, doesn't that make you suspicious that your religion follows the same pattern of every other mystical tradition?

3) This is a tough question but I think that the old testament writers
could not fully interpret Gods' inspirational meanings. This is one of the
reasons why Jesus came here, to clarify what God The Father meant. This is why
you do not read such laws within the new testament.

If thats the case, why are we gven such completely opposite pronouncements in the New testament? i.e. Pray in private versus not not hide a light under a basket. The parable of the Good Samaritan versus I cam not to change one jot nor title of the law. Why are there more wars since the supposed appearance of Jesus in disagreement over what God's word is than from before this "clarification" I'm sorry but that make no sense.

4) The Bible is scientifically accurate, for example: biblical lists of
clean and unclean creatures have a significance often ignored. These lists
emphasize a fact not discovered until late in the last century, that animals
carry diseases dangerous to man. In fact, the same animals labeled unclean in
Scripture still carry parasitic diseases that are still dangerous to human
beings today.
One of Gods' laws is to circumcise a baby boy when he is exactly 8 days
old, doctors now know that a baby's' immune system is very strong on the 8th
day. Also, Modern scientific studies have shown that the blood-clotting
mechanism in a baby is not fully developed until the eighth day, so it was not
wise to do a surgical procedure earlier because of the threat of hemorrhage.
The Bible revealed that the earth is round. Job 26:10, Prov 8:27, Isaiah
40:22, Amos 9:6. The people of the fifteenth century feared sailing because
they thought they would fall over the edge of the flat earth. Yet the Bible
revealed the truth in 1000 B.C. 2500 years before man discovered it for

I'm sorry but that's downright and laughably wrong. First the Bible just like any other old document can contain some accurate items. However if someone is claiming a document to be perfect and you find hundreds of inaccuracies, such as bats are birds, Pi is 3, or that Nazareth even existed in the 1rst century it is untrustworthy. Furthermore the 8 day thing has been passed around apologists here before and has been shown to be a myth before.

5) During ancient times, "slaves" were actually paid servants whom were
treated well. The Egyptians did not treat their slaves ( servants ) well so God
put an end to that.

First, completely untrue. There's a reason there's tales of servants versus tales of slaves.  Secondly, there's a reason for two different words. You don't "sell" servants....think again.

6) Mankind is responsible for the present schism between God and us, its a
wonder that God answers any prayers.

If he answers in the same way and at the same frequency as a jug of milk....how does that separate his power as greater than a jug of milk?


7) Because evidence can replace faith into nonexistence, we need faith.

Why? Faith is just "credulousness" by a warm and fuzzy name. Didn't the ancient Greek citizen have faith in his Gods? We need less faith and more information, or do you prefer to be stupid? I know that sounds insulting but that is what you are proposing when you exalt faith, that a lack of information is a good thing.

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