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If you have right wingy ideas and are an atheist, you eventually turn libertarian.

That's even worse.

I'm not sure on that one. As outspokenly anti-Libertarian as I can be sometimes; they start off the the very correct premise, "More regulation is not always the answer." Unfortunately as soon a they became a party, it was turned into the absolutely ludicrous premise "Less regulation is always the answer"

The core example, Rearden Steel, works on magic.
Its workers arrive via roads that government didn't build...magic.
These workers don't decide to rise up and kill their oppressor managers...magic.
They are educated to be productive by no one....magic.
They don't get sick from unregulated food...magic.
No one steals the output of the factory...magic.
There is a demand for the steel without building regulations or a military to buy it...magic.
It can get the product to its customers without seaport and rail systems that only are efficient when they are standardized and regulated by a central authority...magic.
Money exists to buy raw materials and sell finished product....magic.
The corporate structure, which requires an advanced court system to protect investors from mismanagement....doesn't need one because it is magic.

"Going Galt" would ruin everything because there is no one waiting in the wings for people to retire or die, despite it actually happen several times a day in the real world, because...well, magic.

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