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While most atheists do have a live-and-let-live mentality, there is the wave of new atheists that do worship their own god in ways like the writer points toward the first four commandments.
Richard Dawkins worships the god of atheist science, reacting hatefully toward anyone who has no problem in recognizing science as a way of showing the workings of God — from evolution to physics. For those like the late Christopher Hitchens there is the worship the god of pride, where Christians that might challenge those beliefs will always be met with bigotry and genocide.
As for commandments against adultery and theft, obviously the letter writer is blind to the truth. If these declarations toward theft were so self-evident, then we would not see so much theft in businesses, in the streets, in politics, all over the world. If the views about adultery were so self-evident, then we would not be seeing as many divorces, as many broken homes, as many wounded children longing for a stable home. What about atheists like Sam Harris who use false witnessing as a way to crush the free rights of anyone who is Christian?
In conclusion, the letter writer is wrong because atheists like those mentioned here will always fail in conceiving commandments for a better society. At best, all they could do is create haphazard convenience in order to to have a society based upon self-love, pride and arrogance.

Worship the god of science? Exuse me, but there is no god in science no more than there's a Pegasus in math, or a hobgoblin in chemistry. Science is the concept that you are attempting to model reality and checking that model through experimentation. That's it.

I do not worship it, nor does Richard Dawkins any more than I worship the god of internal combustion when I start my car in the morning.

Furthermore you just equated Christopher Hitchens simply stating the equivalent of "You god idea is full of baloney, this is how its full of baloney, and here's how the baloney is hurting" us with genocide. Do you even remotely comprhend the level of utter and complete lie this is?

Sam Harris "crushes the free rights" of Christians"....how???????? Seriously HOOOOWWWWW???????

And the oddest accusation is that of calling atheists arrogant

You assume that your particular ancient holy book is correct, out of the various mythologies and holy books out there.

You assume that it is correct where others are wrong, insofar as these holy books have conflicting cosmologies

You assume because of your cosmology, that you have an understanding what the creator of the universe likes and dislikes.

You assume through this holy book that billions of galaxies were created for the benefit of your species, and that your species is the darling creation of the creator of the universe

You assume because of this holy book that you do get to live forever

You assume that those who do not conform to your particular holy book are punished forever.

You assume that the holy book that was popular at the place and time you were born is correct, and everyone else who believes in a holy book that was popular at the place and time they were born in is incorrect.

And you assume all of these things without a shred of evidence.

Yet atheists think they are just a collection of atoms that had the good fortune to become concious for a few decades.

How are we the arrogant ones?
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