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JFK: When you are good looking, charismatic, and dead...people will think you're the greatest

Johnson: Sometimes somebody's got to die before you get any respect

Richard Nixon: Suddenly your detractors are too pusyy to say anthing bad about you once you are dead

Ford: You can solve diplomatic problems, vigorously veto legilation, and be a model Republican...but nobody will remember you except for falling down stairs.

Carter: There is one unforgivable sin in American politics, honestly giving bad news.

Reagan: If you smile well when lying about how great the economy is doing when the inflation adjusted median income of the American worker is going down, idiots will still believe you are a miracle worker even decades later

GHW Bush: You can live vicariously through your Children!

Clinton: Don't trust chicks who won't swallow

GW Bush: It doesn't matter if you are a coke using military post deserter; as long as you have Money, Christians, and the right wing propaganda machine on your side

Obama: No matter how many times you give into the right wing in actual policy and legislation, they are still going to hate you.

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