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Dear Author of Why Won’t God Heal Amputees,
I have only just started to read some of the sections on your website and thought you would be a good person to chat to because I have been seeking someone who can prove to me that my logic is flawed and that my faith in the creator of the universe is worthless and delusional.
However, I read the section on Intelligent Design and immediately note that you have basically said, the human body doesn’t work “perfectly” therefore it evolved.   You missed the point completely that the very existence of living things, ie they work well enough to live and procreate, proves the existance of God.   The flaws in the systems are so minor that they are negligible compared to the parts of the systems that do work.
Anyway, if you are interested in pointing out the flaws in my logic, please respond.
By the way you might want to answer the question: Do I want there to be a creator and if not, why not?
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Flaws in your logic? OK let us start. If the human body was designed by a perfect designer, what purpose would flaw serve? Particularly, why would there be inactive genes, known colloquially as junk DNA, that match with reptilian species in a creation that happened to arrive complete and its present form? Why would there be transitional fossils of various extinct species?

The flaw in your logic is called circular reasoning, or begging the question.

Now you might state, as many ID/creations advocates do, that order cannot arrive from chaos. It can and I will allow you to demonstrate it to yourself in a limited form via a deck of cards. Shuffle a deck of cards seven times. According to mathematicians, seven is what is required to introduce maximum chaos into a 52 card deck.

Now look through it, remove any runs of three(or more) and three(or more) of a kind. Shuffle it again and remove the series again. You will notice a pattern here. You several runs and matches, creating order, order out of chaos. This is a very simplistic demonstration of how it can happen...but yes every sperm is a shuffle....you think of every animal that has ever had a chance to propagate during the millions of years the earth has existed and that's septillions and septillions of shuffles.

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